Ningbo Eastar Magnet Co. Ltd. has been one of the ideal Permanent Neodymium Magnets and Rare Earth Magnet Suppliers from China. We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of quality and energized specification of sintered Permanent Magnet and Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet (NdFeB).

We are supplying wide categories of different magnets that are designed in various sizes and shapes. These variations of magnets are used for DC motors, personal computers, smart-phones, and audio speakers. Moreover, high range of magnets is used for MRI, VCM, acoustic systems, medical instruments and wearable devices.

Ningbo Eastar Magnet has been a famous Permanent Magnet Supplier; and recognized in supplying top quality magnets in various grades from N35, N38, Up to N50, N52, includes H, SH, UH, EH series. Our experienced QC Team strictly follows the ISO 9001 international standard quality and can make sure to design the effective magnets for using them in different high parameters. We are capable of providing magnet blocks, disks, rings, tiles, cylinders and different specifications as per customers’ requirements.

Ningbo has customized designs in our great magnet stock according to your unique requirements. We owned our fine processing plant for manufacturing magnets including linear cutting, grinding, and plating.

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  • Wind Generator
  • Acoustics
  • Electric Motor
  • IT Industry of Communication Equipment